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 Region Guidelines

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PostSubject: Region Guidelines   Wed May 28, 2014 4:59 pm

Because we want an open community and a simple easy-to-grasp style, we do not protect each and every house nor do we give you the tools to do so. Instead, we will protect one large region for a group of players who agree to form a town. Players who agree to form a town have equal control in where the region will be, who gets to be in this region, and who will be kicked out. In the event all too many people leave the region to live elsewhere, the region will be removed.

Only people whos names are added to the region will be allowed to use any of it's facilities and build. Staff members are not in charge over who lives in that region, you must get permission from the community and it must be verified through a screenshot. This means you must have proof that they agreed to let you stay there.


1. You must have at least 3 signatures to form a town.

2. You may choose the flags you wish to have for your town. A list will be provided in the post below.

3. We will relocate a region if the majority of players agree to the new location.

4. If a player chooses to leave/is being kicked out, you must notify an admin in a *private* message ASAP.

5. Players who abuse this system may not be allowed to form towns/enter them.

6. Only a Greeting/Farewell flag will be added to the region.

7. Regions may not exceed a 200x200 area.  

-----=====Capital Cities=====-----

When a region reaches over 15 members, it is eligible to become a capital city. Once this happens, custom flags will be assigned to this region, much like the spawn and the community will be responsible for maintaining the new city. A portal room will be made, and they will link up to the portals in the main spawn. You must be able to verify that you have 15 signatures through a series of screenshots.

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Region Guidelines
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