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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Wed May 28, 2014 5:23 pm

Below is a list of rules to follow while using these forums. Please note they are subject to change at any moment so please visit this thread once in awhile to stay updated. Anyone who violated these rules will be given a warning. Further disobedience will result in a temporary or permanent removal from the forums.

-----=====Forum Rules=====-----

1. No pornographic or racist material is welcome on these forums.

2. Raging and spamming the forums is not welcome. Please remain clam and mature when discussing ideas with other people.

3. You may bump your topic once every 24 hours. Anything under that and you will receive a warning.

4. Please post in the proper section. Constantly making topics in the wrong sections will result in a warning or a temporary ban from the forums.

5. Do not post any tutorials that can cause harm to another persons client or device. You will be expelled from the forums without any notice and stripped of any ranks you hold if you're caught doing this.

6. Links to illegal software sites are not allowed.

7. Any HTML or flash object that exposes the information of another users personal data is not allowed.

8. Your signature may contain:

   • Up to 2 images
   • Images up to 728 x 100 pixels
   • Up to 2 URLs
   • Up to 4 lines

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Forum Rules
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